Do It Yourself – Amazon Sentiment Tool

  1. First, teach yourself how to use this tool. 2 minute tutorial on Youtube.
  2. Next, how to save Amazon reivews.
  3. (optional) Or, use these files with real Amazon reviews for a quick test (right click them and select “Save Target As…” to download each):
    Suction Cup Product 1 Reviews
    Suction Cup Product 2 Reviews

Enter a phrase and then touch the ‘Next’ button to save the term

How this tool relates to

The three comparison articles:

I built all those using data from Amazon reviews and natural language processing of the sentiment. With this tool, I’m releasing to the public how I did the analysis. Stated another way, you can do what I did.

The curtain has been pulled back.

While I’d like to attract some attention to this tool on its own merits, a big motivation is also transparency. I didn’t just make up the numbers on the whey protein page or any of the others. Now you can go so far as to verify my results using this tool! You can duplicate my research and steps and determine for yourself, what protein powder tastes best, or what protein powder people thing is safest for pregnant women, or any thing else you want.

I do hope it adds value to your online shopping experience.

Nathan (Dax) Pennington

P.S. Yes, I am a software developer by trade. This tool is custom built by me. Originally just for my use, now it is out there for all to use.